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A 90’s feel with a modern appeal

Oscillator X is a local favorite and frequently featured on Seattle C89.5fm (KNHC) Radio – the USA’s longest running dance station. Their ability to create catchy dance music and unforgettable live entertainment has earned them with frequent demand for multiple performances at the C89.5fm “Listener Appreciation Party” events – The same events that first brought the world artists such as Lady Gaga.

The upbeat sound of Oscillator X is produced by Kyle Ward and John Mendenhall. The duo has produced music collaboratively since 1999. Oscillator X’s sound is influenced by the dance pop sound of the late 90’s and diverse artists such as: Akcent, Eiffel 65, Real McCoy, Sash!, Daft Punk & O-Zone.

Unlike modern dance acts, Oscillator X is a succeeding band with both members producing and performing all of the music in the studio or onstage at a dynamic live event. Oscillator X songs have been featured in video games such as: In The Groove, Pump It Up, iDANCE, Snake 360, Snowball Runner, ReRave and many others. Additionally, their music is often  associated with dance machine games such as “Dance Dance Revolution” that originated from the late 90’s.

Recently Oscillator X has expanded their music into new markets and can also be heard in retail outlets such as Abercrombie & Fitch stores with their seasonal 2010 single “The Naughty Song.” Additionally, the duo performed live overseas in France, Amsterdam, and Oslo.

The duo remains active today and continues to produce new music that is still frequently featured on C89.5fm and played throughout clubs in the Seattle metro area.  Oscillator X is a rising star and eager to share their unique and unforgettable sound with new potential fans around the world!

Unique Characteristics

– Music written, produced and performed by Oscillator X.
– Established fan base from exposure in video games.
– Ongoing radio in the pacific northwest region of the United States

– Dynamic live performances throughout USA & Europe.
– Family friendly entertainment

Press Quotes & Testimonials

DYNAMO is a recognized hit across the globe. These guys are total pros when it comes to entertainment. They have a computer synchronized light show, costumes, block-rockin’ beats and even air powered confetti launchers. The last time I saw a show this well orchestrated was when I saw Polyphonic Spree at the Showbox. I am so excited to see this show.

Angela Jossy– Speakeasy Arts Cooperative / Weekly Volcano  Tacoma, WA
The phones lit up the instant we played “Dynamo” and are still ringing two months later.
Richard J. Dalton – C89.5fm  Worldwide KNHC Seattle, WA
It’s nice to hear local music of this caliber. When we played “Dynamo” back in January 2009, there was an instant reaction on the phones. It debuted on our request generated top 5 countdown on January 24, 2009 where it stayed for the next 14 weeks. Of those 14 weeks, 7 were at number one. The audience loves these guys! We are excited to hear what infectious songs they unleash on us in the future.
Jon McDaniel – Program/Music Director – C89.5fm  Worldwide KNHC Seattle, WA
Oscillator X took the stage with two synthesizers, a turntable, and plenty of theatrics. They pulled out all the stops; pyrotechnic effects like flames shooting out of their keyboards, an onstage glowstringer, and several bursts of glittering confetti. I felt like I was on ecstasy.
The Seattle Weekly – Erika Hobart
I program the “Rhythm Drive at Five” mixshow everyday from 5pm-6pm.
I have been receiving an incredible response with the Oscillator X – “Dynamo”.
Monte Gray “DJ Vinyl Fingers” – KRYC Rhythm 105.9fm Yuba City, CA

Oscillator X delivers straight ahead danceable pop that’s both fun and positive – a fresh note in today’s depression-filled lyrics and autotuned vocals world

Beth Valiant– Music Director -KVTI I-91fm Tacoma, WA
“Techno Techyes” covers a modest but vivacious spectrum of dancehall sounds. Oscillator X demonstrates its verve via fusings of synthpop, trance and the lighter side of electro-industrial, the three frequently co-existing within the being of a single track.

Oscillator X – Dynamo (5/5 stars)Dandan Dubidu Dandan – uses a favorite phrase of Japanese and Chi in the chorus. This song has a momentum to the whole – enjoyable listening. I like the percussion in the second half. I’m looking forward to a trance remix. (Japan – translated)

I highly recommend Oscillator X’s music to everyone after refreshing, feel good dance music. The 90’s were the best for dance music, and Oscillator X knows it. This IS 90’s dance, but with a 21st century twist! TechNO? Hardly, this is TechYES.

Mitch Andrews –
Oscillator X’s energetic, poppy electronica has enough enthusiasm to counter a tendency toward candy. A degree of versatility ensures that a lapse into bubblegum will be followed (and likely was preceded) by something a bit more substantial.  While “Techno Techyes” confines its catchiness mostly to the more sparkly, pop-happy side of the dance genre, that is what it obviously means to do, and if an artist is going to do something, he ought to do a good job of it – and Oscillator X does.
Kristofer Upjohn – DJ

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